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Website Traffic

Nowadays you don't have to be a SEO specialist to get your website traffic to skyrocket. With social media, it's really easy to get visitors to your site.

But how is the quality of your traffic? Is it once-off visitors who'll never return or is it recurring traffic? Buy Local, Targeted SA Traffic direct from Search SA


Your website need Traffic visitors.

What is Website Traffic?

The most important necessity of any website is visitors, also known as traffic. You can have the greatest business / website in the world but if nobody knows about it, it will NOT generate any income.

Where does the traffic come from?

Traffic SA is Connecting Local visitors to your website based on actual search terms or search queries. (Example: A visitor searches for a 2013 Toyota Yaris. The visitor will be directed to The Right Website with The relevant information as to what the visitors search term. - The visitor will not be directed to a Furniture store or to a website with un-related content.)

How would we rate the Quality of Traffic?

Based on the fact of how and where the traffic is coming from, Traffic SA can proudly rate the Quality of Traffic to be Good Pin-Pointed and Targeted Website Traffic.

Note: Traffic SA does NOT guarantee any sales, that’s up to yourself. Traffic SA successfully connect visitors with your website.

When will I start to see a difference in my traffic?

Thousands of searches made on a daily basis, of just about anything you can think off. In some cases it’s possible to see results almost instantly, depending on the search terms visitors are using to search on Search SA. There is also a Lead-System with potential visitors that Traffic SA uses to put the right traffic on your website.

See where your website visitors are coming from.

See how your web counters change as they count each & every visitor Traffic SA is directing to your site... If you have a Google Account (Google Analytics), you will able to see exactly where your traffic comes from, what pages are viewed & how visitors go about when they browse through your website.

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